One Night of Sin

by Mary Bogue

Released 2017
Dance Me to Stardust Records
Released 2017
Dance Me to Stardust Records
One Night of Sin delivers grit, sex, soul, tenderness, regret and love from Living Jazz Legend Mary Bogue and L.A.'s finest musicians; Karen Hernandez (piano), Brad Bobo (bass guitar), Jack LeCompte (drums) & Rickey Woodard (tenor sax).
The first time I heard Karen Hernandez on keys, I about fell out. She had Les McCann riffs, and Gene Harris style, while being all Karen. She’s a beautiful soul, and talented beyond belief. . Her resume is astounding, and Les McCann calls her his favorite pianist.

Bringing it on home on bass guitar is Brad Bobo, whose discography includes Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Eddie Harris, Linda Hopkins, Nancy Wilson, and now me. Pinch me, someone. You’ll find the ever cool Jack Le Compte keeping time. I adore Jack, well everyone in L.A. does. He’s a dream to work with, always putting the singers first, laying back and never making a big deal for himself. He’s grace and steel. I love his stick work. On tenor sax is my very favorite sax man, Rickey Woodard. Our call and response on “Don’t Explain” will knock you out. I am the luckiest singer ever. ALL the talents on this CD are Living Legends of Jazz. How about that!

And shout outs to cabaret icon Marilyn Maye who along with the great Billy Stritch changed the tempo and style on “Don’t Explain.” Finally, my dear friend, the great Linda Hopkins has a part on this CD too. When I first met her, she heard me sing at the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill and then told me I should sing her song, “I’m Going to Cry You Right Out.” I was both nervous and excited to perform for her the next time we met. She cried some happy tears, giving me the greatest compliment ever, “Honey, you sing that song better than I ever did!” Let’s leave it there

Big love to my dear friend Steve Rawlins. This is our third recording collaboration. He is an astonishing arranger, musician, composer, producer, father and grandfather. And he always has my back.

Thank you to all whose energy uplifted and enhanced this work. I just want to say that I hope you enjoy One Night of Sin with me, and when you’re done, go ahead and have One Night of Sin with your significant other. Fall on your knees and confess it all. Love is all there is.

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