Blue Smoke

Mary Bogue

Imagine a smoldering love affair, a dark alley, a taxi cab, rain, the memory of being pressed up against a brick building and being kissed with so much soul as to leave you jittery and longing for more. That is Blue Smoke. And then more.

Blue Smoke invites you to unwind, let your backbone slip, and surrender to love. This work was a magical journey honing decades of work by masterful musicians, Living Legends of Jazz in L.A., born from the fires of life experiences. Hear the iconic wail of Nolan Shaheed's trumpet, the sounds heard of a New York jazz piano masterfully played by Steve Rawlins, that makes you stay a little longer, and perhaps order that next Manhattan while your imagination takes you to dark alleys, women in trench coats red-painted lips and wool fedoras, a glance at you from over the top of a cocktail glass and the invitation of greater things to come. Think Film Noir, dark, sexy, quickened heartbeats and love. Come on in, sit down, put your feet up and close your eyes. It's the end of the day and the night belongs to you.

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