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"Nothin' but the Blues"

Boardwalk 11, 10433 National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Jerome Pittman produces a great evening bringing you the Blues. Honestly, I really miss seeing everyone, and I hope you'll come out on Sunday! I'm going to be out of commission for months rehabilitating my new knee. Hey, but I'll have a leg to stand on! Piano: Stu Ester, Guitar: Charles Smalls, Bass: Gary Wicks and on drums, Lee Spath! Great talent. And huge bonus, sharing the stage with me is none other than the Queen, Barbara Morrison and sister diva, Margauret Love. Come give me a hug. I really need one, 'cause I got me some blues cookin' on simmer.



Cabarabia - Clifford Bell & Friends

Rockwell Table and Stage, 1714 N. Vermont, Los Angeles, California


LORI DONATO JAM at OIL CAN HARRY'S, 11502 Ventura Blvd, ., Studio City, CA

It's Going to Be a Celebration! Get your choice of one of my CD's free! Yes, free. It's been too long since I celebrated with Lori, and Lori and I go W A Y back, and we get to hang with the gang! So far back, I was a BRUNETTE! That's Right! Lori Donato & Her Gang!. Sunday - August 11th - Lori Donato's Sunday Jam returns to Oil Can Harrys!We have some amazingly talented folks joining us! Kevin Beaty - singer/ entertainer/ comedian!!!The amazing Karen Hernandez will be with us along with Lisa Stanley, Tommy Young, Mike Smith with more guests to be announced!

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